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 It’s a History Hoedown - American History through live music & song

Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire. Bringing our programs to schools, libraries and children’s camps everywhere.  We motivate students of all ages to remain excited and aware of Americas landscape, history and musical heritage by presenting the material as a creative, live interactive cultural arts performance, that fits into your social studies & arts core curriculum content. Please call us at 732-233-9644 or Click HERE to send us an e-mail. we’d love to hear from you.

We have performed for more than 500,000 students since 2003 !

This assembly is aligned with NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and is recommended for grades 3rd through 6th Our NJ Assembly program is full of all things Garden State.

Including, Washington’s crossing at the Delaware, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh’s historic Flight, Albert Einstein, Fun Facts and Folk Lore about New Jersey’s famous sons & daughters, including our historic towns and unique culture. Even Pirate Stories of Black Beard and Capt. Kidd!

“Our approach to teaching social studies with music is consistent with best professional practices that promote differentiated instruction and a focus on multiple intelligence’s."

“It Happened in New Jersey” is a popular and unique opportunity to augment and enrich your schools history and music curriculum. Please Call our references! Through a live musical interactive assembly, Ronnie Brandt combines original and well-known American folk songs presented as a solo or duo with guitar and harmonica. The duo includes fiddle, piano, banjo, mandolin and pedal steel guitar into a 45 - 50 minute fun filled assembly presentation. “It happened in New Jersey” is guaranteed to entertain and educate, to stir young hearts and minds and to help instill a long-term appreciation for the richness and importance of New Jerseys history, landscape and American Pride

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e-mail us HERE or write to, R Brandt CEA Inc. 50 Chelsea Ave. Suite 107 Long Branch NJ 07740 732-233-9644