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 It’s a History Hoedown - American History through live music & song

Since 2003 Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire. Bringing our unique programs to schools, libraries and children’s summer camps everywhere. We motivate students of all ages to remain excited and aware of Americas landscape, history and musical heritage by presenting the material as a creative, live hands on and interactive cultural arts performance, that fits into your social studies & arts core curriculum content. Please call us at 732-233-9644 or Click HERE to send us an e-mail. we’d love to hear from you.

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2019- 2020 PROGRAMS

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History Hoedown Grades K - 6

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After School Programming Available

Songs of The American Spirit

Our History Hoe-down is a live musical interactive student assembly that keeps the sense of wonder alive in young students. Children hear the stories and songs about America’s history and landscape while seeing and hearing a variety of musical instruments played by professional and well known musicians. Students and faculty sing along become involved and ask questions as we take a historical and musical journey through America. Team work, kindness, believing in yourself and working hard to make your dreams come true are just a few of the themes in the “Cowboy Code” that we talk about. We are Tried and True!

Since 2003 our programs and assemblies are loved by both students and educators. These presentations have been proven highly effective at engaging, educating, entertaining, and inspiring. Quite simply put, we have helped instill in tens of thousands of students a genuine interest, appreciation and sense of pride in American history, culture, music, and folklore of our great country. We are available nationwide.


Ronnie Brandt
Ronnie Brandt
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Ronnie Brandt
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e-mail us HERE or write to, R Brandt CEA Inc. 50 Chelsea Ave. Suite 107 Long Branch NJ 07740 732-233-9644