Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire. Bringing our unique programs to school auditoriums, class rooms, libraries and children’s summer camps everywhere. We motivate students of all ages to remain excited and aware of Americas landscape, history and musical heritage by presenting the material as a creative, interactive cultural arts performance, we also fit directly into American social studies & the arts core curriculum content standards.

CEA Inc.
After School
Ronnie Brandt , Tom Labella

    After school programming provides academic enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. CEA offers educators and students a broad array of enrichment activities that can complement their regular academic programs;

    The visiting artist after school program brings different musical guests every session for an interactive experience.

    The artists range in genre and what instruments they play, they all come from diverse backgrounds and are both male and female. The idea is to present diversity.

    The majority of the musicians who attend, have worked with or are touring with very well-known musicians, such as Ms. Darleen Love, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi, Mr. Bruce Springsteen, South Side Johnny and the Asbury Jukes they are known locally and sometimes internationally on stages, television and radio. (Pretty cool stuff.) Our musicians bring a unique perspective along with their musical talents to share with the students.

    Students will be exposed to many genres of music, musicianship and participation including:

  • Call & Response - Sing-Along
  • Rhythm – Syncopation
  • Story Telling – What’s a Song say? –
  • The message of songs – The origin of songs
  • Sense of community, working together, being a band and being a good neighbor.
  • Styles of music explored – Blues – Folk – Rap – Reggae – Rock & Roll – Classical – Story telling – Ska – Sounds of nature & more
  • What emotions does music evoke? – How does it make you feel?
  • Brass- Wood Winds – Piano – Synthesizer – Guitars – Harmonicas – Male & Female Vocal Styles – Percussion - Bass – Mandolin – Violin - Ukulele – Cigar Box Guitars
  • What are the parts of an instrument? – what is its origin?
  • Music as a career,
  • what kind of different jobs do people have?
  • How does music reflect history and the times in which the songs were written?
  • The program is proven tried and true.
  • We are proud to present this unique enrichment program and find the students inspire us as much as we inspire them.
  • Ensuring our mission to educate, entertain and inspire.
Ronnie Brandt Ronnie Brandt Ronnie Brandt Ronnie Brandt

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