Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire. Bringing our unique programs to school auditoriums, class rooms, libraries and children’s summer camps everywhere. We motivate students of all ages to remain excited and aware of Americas landscape, history and musical heritage by presenting the material as a creative, interactive cultural arts performance, we also fit directly into American social studies & the arts core curriculum content standards.

CEA Inc.

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Ronnie the singing cowboy, was fantastic! His Cowboy Sing-A-Long, was entertaining and the children were completely captivated      

Lauren Standfast - Director Rainbow Academy Brick, NJ (732) 202-1635

Dear Ron,

 On behalf of the students and teachers of the Wanamassa Elementary School, I want to thank you for the outstanding musical assembly that you provided .Using folk music to learn history was an effective teaching strategy for these third,fourth, and fifth graders. The first song, Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land", set the patriotic tone of the performance. All of your musical selections were age appropriate and educationally valuable. The children, as well as the teachers, were fully engaged for the entire performance.

 I have recommended that the other elementary schools consider your program as well. I know that they would find your performance to be educational, enjoyable, and fun! Thank you again for adding an innovative component to our social studies curriculum.

Mr. John Lysko - Superintendent of Schools Ocean Twp. NJ 732-531-5600 X3200

Dear Mr. Brandt,

On Behalf of the Washington School students’s and faculty, I would like to personally thank you for an outstanding educational assembly “This Land is Your Land”. Your musical interaction with the students was phenomenal. Following your presentation, students were seen outside at recess singing many of your selections. I look forward to seeing you in the near future for additional programs.

Sincerely Douglas T. Jones - Principal - Washington School - Nutley N.J. 973-661-8888

Dear Mr. Brandt,

I just wanted to take some time to say what a great assembly you presented. The teachers and staff thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. One thing we try to do here at River Plaza is encourage sincere love and dedication to our country. Your assembly examined history, culture, hard work and dedication to our great land. Everyone left the assembly with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. The Monmouth County Reserve Color Guard proved to be a great combination with your program. Please accept our sincere thanks. We hope to work with you again in the near future.

Sincerely Stephen Baglivo - Principal - River Plaza School Red Bank NJ. 732-747-3679

 Dear Mr. Brandt

Thank you for four wonderful assembly programs which you presented to our third and fourth grade students and staff.     “It Happened In New Jersey”, the history and folklore of New Jersey was a welcome addition to our curriculum. The children enjoyed participating in this educational and musical presentation. Personally, I cannot get the song phrase, “I’ve been everywhere, man…” out of my head. It was an entertaining assembly for the staff members as well.In my informal discussions with both students and staff, they are giving rave reviews of your program. Thank you again for your positive, informative and fun program. The music and audience participation components really set you apart from other assemblies we have had in the past.

Please feel free to use my name and number as a reference for other school administrators considering your program. I will readily tell them that our money and time were well spent on your presentation. Thank you again and good luck with your programs for the rest of the school year.

Sincerely, Marjorie P. Fopeano Principal Dr. Joyanne D. Miller School Egg Harbor Twp. NJ 609-407-2500 X 2301

Dear Children’s Educational Assemblies,

Ronnie Brandt's performance at our elementary school was outstanding! A wonderful performance. I don't know who enjoyed it more, the students or the teachers. The assembly was one of the most educational and captivating shows that we have had. We are looking forward to having you back again next year. Thank you!

Melissa Wittig - Jacksonwald Elementary School Reading PA, APT Assembly Coordinator

Dear Educator,

It is with pride and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Ronnie Brandt and his This Land is Your Land musical and historical assemblies for school age children. This spring Ronnie came to Amsterdam Elementary School and performed for our entire student population. What a great show he gave us; students, parents and most importantly our children not only learned a great deal but also sang and danced along! Combining an historical foundation for his songs, children asked, responded to and even participated in the performance. Ronnie is easy to work with, polite to the students and staff, and has a genuine sense of pride in both the music he plays and the history those tunes represent. You can expect a high energy performance laced with a variety of “All-American” music that is sure to please. I highly recommend This Land is Your Land and encourage you to call me to further discuss this outstanding assembly program.


Michael A. Rossi, Jr., Ph.D.  Amsterdam Elementary School, Hillsborough, NJ 908-874-3700

Dear Mr. Brandt:

Thank you for the wonderful performance, “This Land Is Your Land,” on December 18, 2007. You captivated the audience from the moment they entered the auditorium.

The students enjoyed the music immensely, as evidenced by the conversations I overheard regarding how much fun they had at the presentation. It was a real treat to learn about history through your musical abilities. According to your web site, your mission is “ . . . to continue to bring our enrichment program to young students everywhere and inspire them to remain excited and aware of America’s landscape, history, and musical heritage by presenting the material as a live cultural arts performance.” Mission accomplished!

My hope is that you will visit us again next year. I thought this experience was truly inspirational, since I find myself still singing a number of the songs in my head! You really made a great impression on us! Again, thank you for a wonderful performance. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Sincerely, Victor R. Milano Assistant Principal - Ocean Twp. Intermediate School New Jersey

Dear Mr. Brandt,

Thank you for coming to our school with your assembly program. The live performance was a great success. The students were completely engaged and learned a great deal about American History through your music. It was thoughtful of you to continue your performance with an encore that included your “new release” about Thanksgiving. As a principal, I know the importance of reaching out in the community at large to help educate our young people. Thank you again for coming to our school.

Renee Bonin, Principal   Wolf Hill School, Oceanport, NJ 07757 732-542-0683 X1116

From The Bordentown NJ School District Newsletter -

The students of Clara Barton School were treated to a visit by singer/songwriter Ronnie Brandt. Mr. Brandt’s visit was funded by the CBS Parent Teacher Organization as part of the school’s cultural arts program which serves to enrich the lives of students through assemblies showcasing art, music, culture etc. Mr. Brandt, who plays the guitar and sings, was joined by Mr. Steve Toll a multi-talented musician who played the banjo, mandolin, fiddle and keyboard.

Students were given the opportunity to actively participate in a myriad ofPatriotic songs celebrating their American heritage.

Mr. Brandt’s personal belief is that “the history of a people is best illuminated through its music.” With that in mind, he tailors his performances so that he’s able to tell a story of America’s landscape and history. Songs included; This Land is Your Land, Ballad of the Alamo, I’ve Been Everywhere and Growin’ Up in America to name a few.

Integrated into the musical performance are messages of taking pride in your heritage, working hard to make dreams a reality. These messages are combined with an appreciation for American history and folk music. Students were encouraged to sing with the

Musicians as well as ask questions about the music and history behind each song. This performance was an excellent way to kick off a new year Of cultural arts performances and a good time was had by all

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